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PayPal To Payoneer Verification, Withdrawal And Integration

PayPal To Payoneer Verification, Withdrawal And Integration

After Waiting For long 6 year and searching the whole internet i get this popular and trusted method to get money from paypal. and get Verified paypal account with bank account. How to get money from paypal to in my hand at my country it was the biggest question of my life. i didn't sleep for many years to think that, how should i transfer my money from paypal. but here is the full method to do it.

Paypal To Payoneer verified Master Card is the best option for freelancers, sellers and buyers who are eagerly waiting to be paid for their online work and is the easiest payment method ever. The prepaid Master card applied via oDesk and issued in pursuant to Master card international has made the dreams of many freelancers come true. It can link seamlessly with PayPal. This forms the most lucrative way of working online and getting your hard earned cash without much stress. This is a one on one guide on how to apply for the Payoneer Master card, get a Virtual US bank account and withdraw your PayPal funds via major ATM's world wide.

Getting started

The first step is visiting oDesk and opening a freelancer account in a link that says, "Looking for work?". You will be prompted to fill your profile information and choose a username and password. (Hint: Always use your real names as they appear on your state issued identity card). Once you create an account at oDesk, confirm your email address by opening your mailbox and looking for an email from the oDesk team that asks you to do so. Remember, oDesk is a website that offers many job opportunities for freelancers ranging from data entry, article writing, programming and email processing. The main aim of creating an account here is getting a job and getting paid via a Payoneer master card and still capitalizing on this opportunity to get a free Virtual US Bank account to link to PayPal.

Applying for Payoneer Master Card

Getting a Payoneer Master Card is easy when your oDesk account is up and running because you must set a payment method. Once you successfully register and login in to oDesk, you will see a tab written "Wallet" . Upon clicking it, another option "Withdrawal Method" will show up. Clicking the link will take you in a page that requires you to sign up for Wire Transfer , Payoneer Debit Card, Skrill (formerly Moneybookers), PayPal and Direct Deposit/ACH. Disregard all of the listed methods and click on Payoneer Debit Card sign up. Within some seconds, you will be redirected to Payoneer's website where you will apply for your card in 3 easy to follow steps. Again, remember to add your names exactly as they appear on your government issued Id Card.

Payoneer Master Card Approval

Depending on your application, Payoneer will get back to you via email and describe the status of your card. Within 1-3 days they will send you another email saying that you Master Card have been approved together with the estimated period it will take to reach your physical Mail box. Payoneer Master Card and oDesk applications are easy and they don't require any prior payments. In fact, they are helping freelancers worldwide to get their payments with ease since one can also use the Debit card as a Paypal To Payoneer verified Master Card.

Activating your Master Card

Once your Payoneer card reaches your post office box, simply login to the Payoneer website and activate it. Your email together with the password you created will be used to get in to your account. You will be prompted to enter your full Master Card digits and your desired pin. Once you do this, you now have a fully functioning Master Card which you can use to withdrawal your oDesk earnings in any Master Card branded ATM worldwide.

Applying for A job at oDesk

oDesk requires you to complete your profile with your skills and job category that interest you. For instance if you are a writer, you can select Article & Blog writing. You should make sure that you fill all the necessary information in order to rank higher when applying for jobs. Fill your employment history, hourly rate, portfolio, education background and objectives. Here, it is highly advisable to take ample time to add useful and catchy information since you will be dealing with employers from many countries. Lack of basic information deems you to be an unserious person.

Getting Paid

Once you apply and qualify for a job at oDesk, you employer (client) will send money to your oDesk account and you will be notified via email. When your money reaches $23 you can simply withdrawal it via your Payoneer Master Card account by going to "Withdraw option". You will be charged $2 for your money to reach Payoneer and it will take around 3 days. However, you can expedite the process for additional $3 if you urgently need the cash.

Payoneer Fees

Payoneer charges a card maintenance fee of $3 for 0-2 transactions every month on your card's remaining balance. This simply means, if you have no funds, you will not be charged. On the other hand, there is a one time activation fee of $9.95 which is first charged once you transfer your first payment to your account from oDesk. On the ATM's your Master Card will be charged around $2.15 per withdrawal and this is very affordable provided you get a lot of work at oDesk.

Linking PayPal Account to Payoneer Master Card

I know many readers were waiting for this part. If you don't have a PayPal account simply open one . Now you have a PayPal account and an oDesk applied Payoneer Master Card. Your main aim is linking the two to allow you to get payments from other companies apart from oDesk and still use your card to withdraw your cash. This is now possible through Payoneer. The service is called Virtual US bank account.(Tip: Never try to link your Payoneer Master Card directly with PayPal without a Virtual US bank account, though it may work, you will never get a chance to withdraw payments). In order to qualify for a virtual US bank account offered by Payoneer, you will need to send an email to Payoneer customer support at c.support@payoneer.com and tell them that you are interested with their service.

Approval for Virtual US bank Account

Upon receiving your request, Payoneer customer support will get back to you and ask numerous questions via email like the company you wish to receive funds from. This is where you mention Paypal . Also they will ask about; your Website's URL, services & products, last 4 numbers of your Payoneer Master Card and a direct link to access your oDesk profile. Moreover, you will be required to submit both sides of your color ID card and a screenshot of your PayPal account with your name and balance showing clearly. Once you supply this information, just close your fingers and wait until the approval is done, it takes a few days depending on the no. of applications they receive. Moreover, it is necessary that you have at least transacted thrice from oDesk to Payoneer Account so make an effort of applying for jobs to have the record.

Integrating PayPal and Virtual US Account

When you first opened a PayPal account it showed that you are unverified and in order to lift withdrawal limitation go to your profile and add a bank account using the details that you receive once your Payoneer Virtual US Bank account is approved:
-The name of the US Bank
-Your Account Number
-The routing Number
-Account type- Cheking

Enter all the details in the PayPal Bank account Addition page. Next, you need to add your Payoneer Credit Card details to lift the withdrawal limit. Make sure that your Payoneer account has at least $5 for this. Once you add the master card, PayPal will charge your Payoneer account two small payments within 24hrs. One of them will contain the PayPal verification code. So logon on your Online Payoneer Account, look for the payments and the 4 digits code. Go back to PayPal and enter the code to verify that you are the owner of the Payoneer account and card.
You now have a PayPal account capable of receiving and withdrawing money via ATM's. Once you receive funds via PayPal, simply withdraw them via the newly added Virtual US Bank Account. It will take 1-5 days for the withdrawal to materialize while the withdrawal cost is 1% of the total amount being transacted. Being online is good as it gives freelancers an opportunity to earn a lot of cash and having a payment method that is acceptable by all online clients is good- Apply for an oDesk account now! and get a free PayPal to Payoneer Account.


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