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Sunday, October 30, 2011

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Email Marketing - AWeber

Monday, October 24, 2011

Online Money Earning 10$ in 15 Min For USA and Euro Guys

Spend 15 minutes A day and earn $10

A new website has been launched that promises huge profits to everyone especially to those users in the U.S. and Europe, but everyone can make some money with it.
The main strategy is to visit webpages and make money:
1. Register HERE (If you register under me, send me your account identifier and I will provide you more tricks and a *special* trick )
2.Choose your language
3.Go to "MY OFFICE"
4.In the menu above you can see [catalog], click there
5.In the page that opens choose: "All the stores" 2 nd option on the left menu.
6.There are banners on the right, the second is called "FINE DING," click it
7.In the search engine enter the following terms in this order one by one:


For example: Viagra
The search results appears with the price for each visit (in Spain the prices are about 15 cents per visit, up to 60 cents in USA)
So, enter the search results one by one and surf the page a little bit (3-4 clicks), leave and go to the following search result -it's not worth to go into the sites that pay less than 0.01, for instance searching for Lipitor gives 0,16
Mevacor 0,12 and Zocor 0,08-
Once you finish with a keyword continue with another one and follow the same strategy.
You can look for words that generate money and put them here in a reply, so you help us all to find them and ALL OF US will make more money (because everyone who joins under me will benefit).
To see the profits: "My office" -in 2 hours you have your balance-.
They pay by cheque but are implementing paypal and moneybookers as well.
Another way to earn money is by visiting hotels webpages:
HotelsCombined.com gives up to 2.84
TripMama 1.35
TripAdvisor Commerce Campaign 2.33
You have to search for high standard hotels, spend some time to see them (2-3 minutes) and you can enter once a day.
Here is some proof (this is without referrals, you can earn more by referring yourself or by the refferals in the group of the one that referred you, everyone earns the same for the actions of the others):


If you have any questions just ask. Remember that it's a good time to search for referrals now that it's starting .
Since I saw some of you have been experimenting problems to earn I will explain more deeply some things:
You can refer other people by using your referral link:


Concerning the searches:
Example of search in Tripmama:
1. Search for a hotel in one city:

2. Check the two squared checkboxes and one more:

3. Four pop ups will appear, stay in them or navigate if you want for 2-3 minutes.
Example of search in Hotelscombined:
i) Search for a hotel in one city:


ii) Click some of the hotels with 5/4/3 stars and stay in them or navigate for 2-3 minutes.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

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